Welcome to RestaurantQRCodes.net!

Welcome! The goal of RestaurantQRCodes.net is to provide you with the information you need to start benefitting from the use of QR codes in your restaurant. For those new to the subject, we have provided a little background information on what QR codes are, how they are used, and how you can get one. We’ll also talk a little bit on how they were invented and came to be what they are today. Then we’ll get down to business.


We’ll take you on a tour of your own restaurant and point out all the great places you could be using QR codes. We will start right at your front door and the hostess station, off to the menus and the table displays, on to the food itself, other unique places nobody would expect, then on to the check and check-out, and finally some opportunities to send your guests home with QR codes. Best of all, we won’t just show you where to put your QR codes, we’ll show what they should link to and how best to utilize them. In addition to QR codes, we’ll talk about near field communication and how you can benefit from this other new technology.


Based on recent surveys, less than 10% of the QR codes scanned by smartphones are being scanned in restaurants. That means this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. This technology has already shown trends that it will continue to grow rapidly over the coming years and what better way to get involved than to be one of the first restaurants to embrace this advancement and satisfy your tech-savvy (and hungry!) consumers.