QR Codes at the Bar

Depending on the length of the wait for a table, this may be your patron’s next stop so let’s move on to the bar.  The bar is another location where there are a variety of places and ways to use QR codes.  Some of this could be an extension of the ideas for QR codes at the entry as the patron is possibly still waiting for their table and the same information, such as restaurant history, your menu, and daily specials would still be useful.  However, the bar provides additional locations for where these codes could be placed.  This is also a place where you can have a little fun, because that’s what bars are for.  Here are some suggestions for where codes could be placed at the bar, and what other information, besides your entry info, the codes could link to.


  • QR codes on bar coasters could link the patron to additional information about a certain drink or brand of beer, wine, or liquor that you carry.
  • Fun drink embellishments such as umbrellas, fancy toothpick swords, etc. could have QR code stickers on them linking to additional drink information, or suggestions such as “if you like this drink, then next time try….”, or a suggestion for a tasty appetizer.
  • QR codes on bar napkins could link to restaurant info, menu suggestions, or even a fun bar game, such as trivia, to help pass the time.
  • QR codes could be embedded on the bar itself.  These should link to more permanent info such as restaurant history, specialty dishes, or basic drink info.  The possibility of this would depend highly on the style and type of bar in your restaurant but may work for some.


These QR codes also offer some fun for your guests who aren’t waiting for a table but maybe decided to grab an additional drink after dinner or only came there for drinks in the first place.  Another great thing about QR codes at the bar is that these ideas could also work for your individual bar or pub type restaurant, where the bar, rather than being a stepping stone to your table, is the main focus.