QR Codes at the Entrance

The best place to start your QR code campaign is as soon as your patrons walk in the door, actually better yet, it should start before they walk in the door.  This comes into play especially after hours.  Place a QR code on your front door.  Then if a patron comes by during the off hours, they can scan the code more information.  This code should link them to your hours, your menu, and a form that allows them to make an online reservation, or rather it provides them with everything they need to come back when you’re open.  This is a great addition, even if you already have your hours and a menu posted on the front of your building, because it allows the potential guest to take the information with them.  That way when they are trying to remember or decide later, your information will literally be at their fingertips.


Next, let’s get inside the restaurant for the patrons who make it there during business hours.  First thing they see – the host / hostess station.  Depending on the time of day, the season, and the typical crowd at your restaurant, there may or may not be a wait.  If there’s no wait at that particular time, then great, you’ve already got a happy customer – you can move on to where to place QR codes on your menu or tables.  But, if there is a wait, especially a long one, why not use a QR code to help them pass the time.  Place QR code stickers on the pagers you hand out.  These could link to a variety of things:


  • A video about the history of your restaurant
  • A copy of your menu
  • A list of today’s specials
  • Recommendations from the bar for while they wait
  • A food themed game for two
  • Information about how to make online reservations so they won’t have to wait next time
  • An approximate countdown of when their table will be ready – not only does this keep them calm that their turn is coming, but its keeps your host or hostess free from the inevitable question barrage of “how much longer will it be?”


If you’re not using pagers, place a QR code directly on the hostess station.  It could link to all of the same items listed above, except for the countdown.  Either way, it keeps your patrons happy (and hungry) while they pass the time waiting for their table.