QR Codes At The Table

Then we come to the next time your guests are waiting.  They have read their menus, selected their dishes, and ordered their food.  Now they sit and sip their drinks and wait for the food to arrive.  This isn’t a problem for most people, they make conversation, enjoy their company, anticipate the delicious meal ahead of them, however, that doesn’t mean that adding options for how to pass the time is a bad thing.  This is especially true of the busier weekend nights when the kitchen is in chaos and the wait can get a bit long, and the patrons can get a bit hungry.  The good news is, once the server has taken the menus away, there are still a number of places you can place QR codes to engage your customer.


This is another great opportunity to let your guest learn a bit more about your restaurant.  We talked about linking a video on the history of your restaurant to a QR code on the back of your pager, here is another great place to do that.  If you already put that at your entry, then why not add some QR codes linked to a bio of your executive chef or to the waiter in that section.  You’d be surprised how much learning about a restaurant and its staff can entice a guest to come back.


Other ideas include QR codes that link to additional menus.  Usually the bar menu gets taken away with the dinner menu too.  You could have a QR code linking to your bar menu so if the guest wants to switch drinks or order another bottle of wine, they don’t need to wait for their server to bring a menu back in order to peruse their options.  This is also true for the dessert menu.  Some patrons review the dessert menu before they even select their entrée.  If you give them the option to drool over your death by chocolate specialty for an extended period of time, they are that much more likely to order it.


The next question that comes up is where on the table can you put the codes.  This depends a lot on the style of your restaurant.  This is another great chance to use QR code stickers to reduce your initial investment.  These could be stuck directly to tabletops, but if you’d prefer not to, or if you use tablecloths, what about placing them on the ad displays, salt and pepper shakers, or on the sweetener containers.  If you do use tablecloths, maybe take it to the next level and have some stamped right on to the tablecloths.  With the amount of decoration and customization you can add to QR codes, this could even be a new aesthetic for your restaurant.  If you’re not ready for any of this, a really simple option is to use a leave behind card with various codes printed on it.  This would be entirely portable and interchangeable.  This would also give each server the opportunity to introduce the card to the patrons who may have never seen a QR code before, furthering your chances of a scan.