QR Codes With The Check

This is one of your last chances to grab your customer’s attention before they head out the door.  There are a variety of ways that QR codes can be incorporated into the check holder at your restaurant and honestly, not all of them have to be on the check itself.  Here are some ideas.


First of all, many restaurants, and even many establishments in general these days require quest feedback.  Typically this comes as a separate piece of paper attached to your check or your receipt.  Normally this will either contain a phone number or webpage that a customer can contact to answer basic questions about service.  Some restaurants will use enticing promotions, such as being entered in a cash drawing, to convince a patron to actually take the time to call or click for their survey.  Some others just rely on the goodness in their customer’s hearts to provide them with useful feedback.  Either way, I would imagine that it is a very low percentage of customers that actually take the time for these surveys, and really it is a matter of convenience.  It is very unlikely that anyone is going to call the number from their cell phone directly at the table, or even grab their smartphone and take the time fill out the whole survey right then and there, so that leaves them with the option of hanging on to that piece of paper with the number or web address and doing it when they get home.  But, in reality, they probably have things they would rather be doing when they get home, therefore the piece of paper gets stuck in a wallet or a purse or a trashcan and that’s the end of that.  However, if you placed a QR code as your link to the survey, you might have a better chance.  Again, I do not expect your guest to fill out the whole survey at the table, but they might scan the code, and then at least the survey address is saved in the phone for a later date.  They are a lot less likely to lose their phone than the piece of paper.


Other options include a card or attachment with a QR code linking them to a discount for next time.  This could be coupled with the survey above for extra incentive, or it could be a stand-alone.  A good idea might be an offer such as, return within two weeks (or another specified date) to get 15% off, this way you can not only get return clientele, but a quick turn around time.  The code could take them to a webpage where they can print out the coupon or it could enroll them in your mailing list to receive coupons regularly.


Another idea would be a QR code link to your loyalty program.  Many restaurants already have these programs set up, but if not, they are a great way to create return clientele and a fun idea to consider.  This could work in one of two ways with the QR code.  First, it would work for patrons new to your program, it would bring them to a page where they can sign up and log their first points.  If they are not new to the program, it can take them to the login screen where they can enter their customer number/name/etc. (which they will receive after sign up) and then the QR code linked to their bill would automatically add the new points to their account.  Watching the points add up can be a fun way to end a meal (which can sometimes be viewed as a sad occasion) and have your quests immediately start planning for next time so they can get more points.  Since smartphones will store the link for their points tally, they can go back and check on this at a later date to see if they are eligible for any benefits.  Eventually, the points can add up for a coupon or a free entrée, drink, dessert, etc. - no matter what they will come back for the points, but then they’ll also come back for the reward.