Use Custom QR Codes To Enhance Your Restaurant

Another great feature of QR codes is that they do not all have to look the same.  Sure, they are most recognizable as the rectangular black and white box patterns, but thanks to the technology behind them, they can be a bit more “pretty” and still function in the same way.  This can help to improve the way you can use QR codes around your restaurant.  Maybe you are a little concerned about the way these will fit into your restaurant or menu décor and style.  Thankfully, there is something you can do about that.  And even better there are a number of code generators online that can create these custom codes for you.


QR codes can be customized in a number of ways.  Some of the things you can modify are the color of the code (light background, dark foreground must be maintained), the sharpness of the interior and exterior lines (these can be changed by rounding or blurring edges), and the addition of a logo or other text to the code.


This is possible through a feature called the error correction level of the QR codes.  This can be set by the user as you create your code, and essentially it is a measure of how much of the code can be obscured and have the code still be scan-able.  Currently, the error correction level can be set up to 30% and still have a working code.  This gives you lots of room to add logos, words, etc.


The simplest way to incorporate QR codes into your theme is to create the codes using your restaurant colors and embed a restaurant logo or the name of the restaurant on to the code.  This could be used in any of the locations throughout your restaurant.  However, the decorative codes could be incorporated into the restaurant in a variety of ways.  One is the pagers, the codes could also contain the pager number, so you don’t need to make room for an additional sticker.  On the menu the QR codes could contain the name of the dish they provide information about, or the colors and sharpness could be softened to match the theme you have already developed.  The QR codes on your take out boxes could contain the restaurant logo or even have the phone number embedded on them for added incentive to call.  This is just a small selection of the many ideas available to play with customization of the codes, so have fun with it, and make the QR codes your own.