Frequently Asked Questions About QR Codes - Part II

Q.  How do I get a QR code?

A.  QR codes are available in many places on the internet.  The best option for finding one is to type QR code generator, or get my own QR code, into a search engine and review the results.  Luckily, the majority of these places provide free QR code generators.  This means you can type in whatever information you would like the QR code to store and the website will generate the appropriate 2D code to represent your data.  This can then be printed or ordered on merchandise.  QR codes are available on a wide variety of merchandise such as business cards, stickers, mugs, t-shirts, hats, posters, etc.  On many of these sites you are also able to customize the appearance of your QR code.  You can change the color, size, and even a logo or design of some kind.


Q.  What should I do with my QR code?

A.  The answer to this question depends on many things.  First of all, what does your QR code represent?  Did you develop it for business or personal purposes?  QR codes are a great way of advertising for any business.  They can help interest viewers in your ads and provide them with additional useful information about your company.  You should be certain that your QR code links to a good business webpage or some other unique content to get people’s attention.  You can use your QR code to do almost anything, depending on what results you’re looking for.


Q.  How are QR codes being used in advertising?

A.  QR codes are used in advertising in a number of ways.  The majority of QR codes in advertisements are found in print ads such as magazines or newspapers.  Typically, QR codes are added to an ad in order to provide additional information to the reader, such as a link to a company website, discount coupon, store hours, etc.  QR codes can also be found on large scale poster advertising.


Q.  Why does my restaurant need a QR code?

A.  QR codes are a great way to add an extra incentive for a customer to patronize your business.  This could be done by linking them to a discount or to more information about your establishment that increases their desire to come in.  In this industry, any chance to get an edge over your competition is a chance worth taking.  Take some time to review the additional information on this site to get a lot more information on where and how to use QR codes in your restaurant and what the benefits could be for you.


Q.  Where can I use a QR code at my restaurant?

A.  There are a number of places in your restaurant that you can creatively use QR codes.  The most popular include your entry, hostess station, menus, tables, check holder, and takeout containers.  Take a look at some of the additional information on this webpage to learn more.


Q.  What if I still need more information?

A.  You can learn a lot about QR codes by doing some internet research.  There is a lot out there to review.  Try some of these to get you started.