QR Codes In Fast Food Restaurants

Although fast food establishments differ from typical restaurants in many ways, there are a number of ways QR codes can be used to help merchandise and increase business at your fast food restaurant.  A lot of these techniques are very similar to what you could do at a full service restaurant, they are just slightly altered to increase their chances of success in a fast food chain.  The following are some ideas on where they could be placed at the restaurants and what they could link to.


  • Food Containers:  This is really the obvious choice for most fast food chains.  Hamburger, hot dog, chicken sandwich, soft drink, and french fry containers are all great canvases for QR codes.  These could link to more information about the item itself such as nutritional content, or recommended sides.
  • Placemats:  The majority of fast food chains still use the disposable paper placemats on the plastic trays.  This is great place to store additional information.  I believe most patrons do read the placement, on the pure basis of proximity, so why not give them a little bit more to read.  This could include links to upcoming promotions or some information about their local chain.
  • Kid’s Meals:  Most kid’s meals, whether they be for big kids or little kids, usually come with a toy and they come in their own special box or bag.  Usually the box or bag has some games on it or something to color, generally something fun for the child to do during the meal.  The QR codes could enhance.  This of course would require the use of mom or dad’s (or grandma’s or Aunt Sally’s, etc.) phone, but these days most kids are more tech savvy than we are, so I don’t think that would be a problem.  The codes could link to stories, comics, additional games, or maybe even some fun idea for what they can do with their new toy.
  • Promotions:  There are a number of ways these could be used to bring in some additional business.  I envision this working along the lines of the Monopoly game at McDonalds.  The codes could be placed on certain food items and link to either an instant win ticket or some type of track-able game.  Maybe you need a certain number of points for a prize and each code is worth points depending on the food item, or it could be a collect all 8 to win type of game.  Either way, it would bring people back as they try to complete their series or online gamecard by buying additional items.


These are a just few ideas as to how QR codes could also enhance the business of a fast food franchise restaurant.  I am sure there are many additional ways these could be used by building off the unique marketing already put in place by each individual chain.  This, however, does show that it is certainly another location option worth pursuing.