Make Your Own Restaurant: Cooking Resources for Kids

Your house or apartment probably has a kitchen. What do you use it for? You’re probably no stranger to opening the refrigerator and grabbing a tasty snack or pouring yourself a cup of juice, but there is a lot more that the kitchen is used for. Your mom or dad might use it to cook dinner. Everyone likes to eat a nice meal, but why should your parents have all the fun making it? You can cook too! Even with no experience, there are a number of dishes you’ll be able to make with little trouble. When you’re cooking for the first time, it’s best to start with an easy dish. That way you can get the hang of how to use all of the appliances like the stove, the can opener and the rolling pin. One of the best parts about cooking is that you are in control. You decide what to make. When you decide, it is best to follow a recipe. A recipe lists the ingredients you will need in a dish and tells you how much of each to mix in. There are a bunch links to fun recipes for delicious meals and snacks listed lower on this page. Before trying any one of them, make sure you know your kitchen basics. Learn how to read a recipe and know how to measure. Try to make something that is not only yummy but nutritious too by paying attention to the food pyramid. Which group or groups does your planned meal fit into? You should be getting enough servings of each every day, even if you cook your own food.


Of course, cooking is only part of preparing food. Before cooking it is important to always check the kitchen and make sure it’s safe. If there are liquids spilled on the floor or counter, you need to clean them up right away; otherwise you could slip and fall. That would be very bad with a hot oven and sharp knives in the room. Look ahead of time for all the utensils you need and that you won’t be sticking your hand into a drawer of sharp blades just to grab the one you want to use. If you’re using the stove, make sure the curtains aren’t near the burners. If the window is close to the stove, make sure it’s closed so the curtains don’t blow over the hot surface and catch fire. You can open other windows for ventilation. Also, before you heat up the oven, check to see if anyone left something inside and remove it. One of the most important things to remember when cooking is that no matter how confident you are of your kitchen skills or cooking ability, make sure you have an adult nearby to help if you get confused or need help. There are dozens of other safety tips to consider too. Check some of the links below. Kitchen safety is also important after you’re done cooking or making food. Cleaning up your mess is not only courteous but it can keep the next person to use the kitchen safe. They might not notice a spill on the floor and you don’t want them to slip.


Kitchen Safety



  • Food Pyramid
  • A picture of the food groups and how much of each you’re supposed to eat in a day.

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Learn to read the nutrition label on your favorite food product.

  • Nutrition
  • Learn important information such as keeping eggs safe and how to avoid foods you’re allergic to.

  • Choose my Plate
  • A great game to play online! Help the astronaut launch into space by feeding his ship the right foods.


Cooking Basics

  • Hey Kids, Let’s Cook
  • A web series from Valley PBS that teaches kids to cook.

  • Cooks for Kids
  • Another great web series, this one is from the National Food Service Management Institute.

  • How to Read a Recipe
  • In order to make the food, you need to learn the language.

  • Measurement
  • Knowing how to measure ingredients is important when following a recipe.



  • Kid-Friendly Recipes
  • Learn how to make Banana Sushi or Puff the Magic Pancake from the Junior League of Colorado Springs

  • Virginia Apples
  • Apples are tasty the way they are; find out how to make them even tastier!

  • Calendar of Recipes (PDF)
  • Twelve delicious recipes to try; one for every month.

  • Recipes
  • Make dishes that include some or all of the five important food groups.

  • Growing Minds
  • Some delicious dishes to make with different fruits and vegetables.

  • Just Say Yes
  • Some dishes that kids can make that taste good but are healthy too.

  • Kids in Motion
  • Five fun dishes to make with tasty items like peanut butter and graham crackers.

  • Healthy Recipe Cards
  • Read these easy-to-follow recipes and make some delicious food for the whole family.

  • Fun Recipes
  • You can make dessert too! These aren’t too healthy, so make sure you share.

  • Snacks for Kids
  • Recipes for yummy snacks like peanut chews and caramel cereal crisps.

  • Recipes for the Classroom
  • A bunch of treats you can make for all of your classmates.


Kitchen Clean Up

  • Stop Germs (PDF)
  • How to clean counters and utensils the right way.

  • CleanTime
  • This one’s meant for the girls. Play this game and clean up the kitchen after it got trashed during a party. You can’t just hide everything in the cupboard.

  • Courtesy and Cleanliness (PDF)
  • These rules were written for a public kitchen but many of them apply to your kitchen at home.