Restaurant Guide: Resource Guide for Food Safety and Nutrition

People have requirements of basic necessities in order to survive. People need air, water, food and other daily needs for their everyday lives. But with each of these necessities are factors that people both young and old need to be concerned with. This is especially true with the food that we eat on a daily basis.


There are many aspects of our food that people of all age need to be concerned about. We need to be concerned with the safe handling of our food so that we do not spread germs to others. Safe preparation and cooking of our food is also important, because if food is not cooked properly, it may cause illnesses. Also, people need to be aware of proper nutrition of our food including sodium levels, cholesterol and fat content in order to maintain good health. 


People also need to eat healthy in our everyday lives. Having a balanced diet can be helpful in living a long and healthy life. Kids especially need to be concerned with eating properly. At a young age you should teach your children about the importance of eating three balanced meals using the six major food groups and limiting the between meal snacks. 

To learn more about proper nutrition, at home, school and even while at a restaurant, we have assembled a collection of helpful links, tips and information:


Safe Food Handling


Proper Food Safety

  • Food Safety - informative resource from the CDC discussing safety issues and the prevention of foodborne diseases.
  • Food Safety Information - information and tips from the Food and Drug Administration on various food safety issues.
  • World Food Safety - helpful information on foodborne diseases that are found around the world.
  • Food Safety and Inspection - information on food safety and the need for proper inspection of food serving establishments.
  • Food Safety - useful government information for people to consider about safe food handling and food safety.
  • Restaurant Food Safety - collection of information for the food service industry concerned with safe handling and service of food.


Nutrition Information

  • Nutrition Information - federal site offering information and resources on a variety of nutrition topics.
  • Nutrition Education - informative site containing education information and resources on nutrition.
  • Food and Nutrition Information - information on nutrition and food for people looking to learn about healthy foods.
  • Nutrition Facts - useful site containing information and facts on healthy food and labeling.
  • Nutrition Data - informative resource with information and data on nutrition and healthy foods in our daily lives.
  • Kids Nutrition - information on nutrition with a focus on kids healthy eating habits.
  • Labeling and Nutrition - federal guidelines on the labeling of nutrition information on our foods.


Healthy Eating

  • Healthy Eating - informative site providing information on how to become a healthier eater in order to maintain a good weight.
  • Healthy Eating Index - useful government information providing an index to measure healthy eating.
  • Dietary Guidelines - helpful information providing a guide for people to follow in order to eat healthy.
  • Healthy Eating and Exercise - tips and information on how to eat healthier and to have physical activity in our life.
  • Food Groups - information describing the major food groups in our everyday diet.


Teaching Kids About Food