QR Codes On Your Menu

The next step is after your guests are seated.  The first thing they do at the table is look at the menu.  The menu has almost endless possibilities for where to put QR codes.  The list below is a summary of some of the great things you can link to using QR codes on your menu.  Now you don’t want to go so far as to turn your menu into an endless see of computer codes, but a few carefully placed QR codes can really enhance the dining experience.  Choose a few from the list below depending on what would work best for your restaurant and menu style.


  • Daily Specials: Many diners forget what the specials are or exactly what they include the moment their server explains them.  A link to a daily specials page that would allow your guest to go back and review without having to wait for the server to return could be a great benefit.  Another great idea would be to include recommended cocktails for each special
  • Ingredient / Allergy Information: People on restrictive diets suffer enough, why not make it easy for them to select something they know they can eat.  Instead of having a QR code for each dish to list the ingredients (which could get visually cumbersome on the menu), there could be a special “allergy” QR code, which would bring up a list of common allergy ingredients and then list all the dishes these are included in.  Then the diners know which dishes to avoid.
  • Nutritional Information: Due to the changing regulations, a lot of restaurants are putting this on their menus already.  However, by putting all of your nutritional info into one QR code you can include a lot more information.  This way you can provide more than just the calorie content, but also the fat, and then some of the good news, such as vitamins and protein percentages.
  • Recipes: I am sure there are not too many restaurants out there that want to give out their recipes, but for those that might be willing to share, this is a great tactic to really grab diners’ interest.  Perhaps even highlight a few restaurant favorites and only provide the recipes for those so you can keep some of your secrets.  In reality, most diners who do try to make your dishes won’t like their own as much as yours, so they’ll be coming back again to taste the “real thing” anyway.
  • Chef / Server Recommendations: This is a question often asked of servers - “what do you recommend?” - so why not skip a step and give them the news up front.  Then, not only do they get their servers advice, but the advice of every server on staff to consider.  Plus, this is another great place to include cocktail pairing suggestions.
  • Unique Videos: Do you have something different on your menu that requires explanation or is just so interesting that everyone always wants more info, maybe a special cooking technique or unique piece of meat?  Why not include a QR code linking to an informational video for that dish to really try and entice your guests into trying something new.


As you can see by the list above, there are a ton of places to incorporate QR codes into your menu.  And yes, a brand new printed menu with all of these fancy embedded codes would be great, but if you’re not ready to spend the money on that yet, consider QR code stickers.  This way you could place them conveniently throughout the menu and remove or replace them as your ideas change.  This is a great low cost solution to really see what QR codes can do for your restaurant.