QR Codes Outside The Restaurant

Now that we’ve covered all the basics for where to put QR codes in your restaurant, from the front door to the take out containers, the question that remains is where can you put QR codes outside of your restaurant to draw attention.  This answer, however, follows the same rules of QR code advertising as many other retail establishments.  The real difference comes about in what your QR codes should link to.  Here are some ideas for locations where you can place QR codes.



As QR codes become increasingly popular, there will be additional options for where these codes can be placed out in public, however as of right now, studies are showing that the majority of the QR codes are being scanned from people’s homes and within retail establishments.  Therefore, the above options seem to be the best places to get your code seen and more important, scanned.  Next, here are some ideas about what information these QR Codes could link a potential customer to.

  • Restaurant Location
  • Map of Locations
  • Restaurant Hours
  • Restaurant Menus – appetizers, entrées, desserts, drinks, etc.
  • Daily Specials – a link that would be updated every day with the new information
  • Online Reservation Form
  • Discount Coupon or Code
  • Upcoming special events or tastings


For this category, there are really endless possibilities.  Essentially, a QR code placed on any of your advertising could link to any of the items previously discussed for placement anywhere within your restaurant.  However, the items shown above seem to be the most logical for someone on the outskirts to find useful and therefore the best chance to gain a patron from your ad.