Information On QR Code Generators

Similar to the large amount of QR code readers available today, there are also a number of QR code generators available.  The big difference between the generators available is what type of information they can store in a code and the level of customization you can apply to your codes.  Some of them also offer retail products that you can purchase with your QR codes on them, as opposed to a simple print out option.  In general, most of the QR code generators available can transfer information such as text, contact information such as a v-Card or just a simple phone number, SMS, a calendar or event schedule, a URL, or a map location into a QR code.  Some of the more advanced generation sites can also transfer a geo location via coordinates, a graphical image, social network links, or automatically dial a phone number.


Again, similar to the QR code readers, a number of the applications are free, while some are pay per code or subscription services.  Some are also free for minimal or personal use while they charge for commercial widespread use.  A brief list of some of the available generators include:  BeQRious, Maestro, QR Reactor, ZXing, 2D Code Me,,, Kaywa, ScanLife, Liqueo, ProductScape, Kerem Erkan, AzonMedia, Delivr, Tagomobile, Wasp, & Bosqweb.  At the very least, this should provide you with a starting point.  This is only a very limited number of the many generators available, so some research might be necessary to determine exactly which generator is right for you, depending on exactly what you hope to accomplish with your QR code.