Information On QR Code Readers

Due to the vast amount of smartphone brands and platforms available today, there are also a variety of smartphone applications.  This includes applications for QR code readers.  It is especially important to know about the different QR code readers so that when you are developing your own QR codes you can test them thoroughly with as much software as possible.  QR codes don’t do anyone any good if they don’t bring your patrons to the information you were hoping they’d see.


When looking for a QR code reader for yourself it is important to be sure that it is compatible with your specific type of phone.  Most readers are capable of reading QR codes and other types of 2D codes, although some are QR code specific.  In addition, many are available free of charge while others are not.  Some offer special features such as one click scanning and save features to review information later.  Some of the most popular free options are listed below.


  • i-nigma reader
  • Neo-Reader
  • UpCode
  • Semacode
  • 2D Sense
  • AT&T Code Scanner
  • Bakodo Code Reader
  • BeeTagg Reader
  • iPhone QR reader


There are also a number of pay options that are popular.  The majority of these are only about one to three dollars so if you plan to be an avid QR code scanner, these may be well worth the investment.  Some of the most popular pay options are listed below.


  • iRobin
  • QuickMark
  • Optiscan
  • CodeZone
  • Qrazy 4-QR Code Reader


The best idea is to review the available options for your phone to determine which has the compatibility and features you are looking for.  This will allow you to quickly and easily scan any QR code of your choice.