QR Codes And Marketing Techniques!

Marketing is the operation of businesses reaching out to their customers. Without marketing, many companies would probably not survive. Through the use of various forms of marketing, companies can expose themselves to more people, entice new business, and make a name for themselves. There are many different things companies can do in order to effectively market their business to others. Here are just a few of the most popular ways that businesses large and small can incorporate different methods of marketing into their business plan.


What is Marketing?

Marketing is the way companies reach out to their current customer base, as well as a way for businesses to expand and to reach out and draw new customers in. When people think of marketing, they usually think about television, magazine, and newspaper ads as well as billboards, but there are other ways companies can market to people. Essentially, the purpose of marketing is to attract customers to make a purchase, and then hopefully to keep them as a repeat customer. Marketing can be done creatively, and with the widespread use of the Internet, there are more ways to market businesses now than ever before.

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QR Codes

QR codes, or Quick Response Codes, are the newest format of barcodes used to help companies promote their products and services. These square codes can be found on almost anything, like magazine ads, in-store displays, and even on college campuses. When you scan the QR code with your smart phone, it directs you to a link, video, image, or other form of media that can be used to help market a company. QR codes are the latest technology that can help give customers a unique multimedia experience unlike any other. Companies can have the QR code lead people to a video, their website, photos of their products, and much more.


Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is a great way for companies to attract and then keep their customers coming back for repeat business. With loyalty programs, customers sign up to receive newsletters, mailings, and emails promoting the company. In return, they can receive points towards future purchases and other incentives every time they buy something. Loyalty programs offer people a real, tangible reason to keep buying from the same company: they can receive rewards, discounts, and other goodies which help them want to continue shopping there. Many people who enroll in loyalty programs continue to shop with the same place for years, creating a solid and reliable customer base.



In the world of marketing, promotions are a popular way to reign in new customers. Promotions can range from contests to special deals such as buy one get one free offers or buy a certain item and get a promotional item free of charge. Promotions are a good way to entice new customers into making a purchase. Contests and free shipping offers are good examples of promotions that work. Even limited time discounts such as ten percent off everything in the store are considered effective promotions. Seasonal sales and annual clearance events are other examples of promotions that companies can release to their customers throughout the year.


Customer Comment Card

Once only reserved for hotels and restaurants, the customer comment card is becoming a popular way for businesses of all types to gauge customer feedback. These simple cards are like a short survey that customers can complete, offering their opinions on a business’ products, services, and even their staff or employees. Customer comment cards can be mailed back at no cost to the customer, or left at the place of business. These are a great way to find out how a company is doing in the eyes of its customers, and offers up some great feedback that can be really useful to the company in terms of room for improvement.



The tried and true method of advertising through signs, posters, and flyers is still an effective way to market products and services. Even in today’s modern world, an eye-catching sign is a wonderful way to market to customers. Handing out flyers at special local events is also an excellent way to reach a large number of people effectively and at a minimum cost. Posters hung in various places can also grab the attention of people and attract them to a business. Companies can be as creative as they wish; using colorful graphics and eye-catching slogans and sales offers to help them bring in business.


Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is quickly becoming the most popular and the most effective way to attract customers to a business. Web banners, email newsletters, and even video advertisements on other websites are all great ways to market a product or service. Internet marketing reaches an unlimited audience, and offers businesses the opportunity to expand their niche customer base. Using the Internet to attract business has become a huge success for countless companies. There are different methods of marketing, through keyword maximization to banner advertisements or affiliate programs, and all have proven to be wildly successful for many different companies.


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