How QR Codes Can Help Your Small Business

Quick Response or QR codes are getting plenty of attention in today’s business circles. A two-dimensional code that is similar to a USB barcode, QR codes are larger and hold more data than their one-dimensional forerunners. In a square shape, QR codes are most often black on a white background, however, they may be designed in other colors. First created by Toyota as a way to track, store, and transmit data regarding vehicles, they have become a popular business-marketing tool. Easily scannable with readers or camera-equipped smartphones that have a QR code reader app, they can connect consumers with a variety of websites, all through the simple scanning of the bar code. QR codes are an effective and useful marketing tool that is easy to navigate, simple to create, and delivers fast results.


 Business owners that implement these codes into their marketing campaigns are discovering numerous ways of connecting with clients and promoting their desired products in a convenient manner. The Internet has changed the way the world interacts and many of these changes can be utilized in the business arena. Small business owners can develop comprehensive marketing strategies that use QR codes that are not only effective, but also cost friendly. By incorporating QR codes into a business strategy, business owners can easily stay in touch with customers while promoting additional services.


QR codes may be used in a variety of ways. As more businesses recognize their potential, they are showing up in a large number of places. Some companies choose to incorporate QR codes on their receipts, menus, products and more. Once scanned, the consumer is taken to a website that can provide further information regarding the activity being promoted. As more business owners realize the power of these barcodes, they are showing up in numerous places. A restaurant may choose to add QR codes to menus as a way of promoting certain products. An independent contractor may opt to include a QR code on a business card as a way of convenient yet effective self-promotion. QR codes allow business owners to maximize the space used in their printed marketing materials as the codes are small and don’t require a lot of room. QR codes on business cards can have a huge impact and makes great use of the limited space inherent to all business cards.


Creating QR codes is uncomplicated and trouble free. The method is self-explanatory and consists of entering a URL, phone number, or text that you would like rendered in the barcode into a generator. This is easily performed online and after you generate the code, all you need to do is save it. The code can then be printed on numerous materials and added to online materials such as websites, emails, and newsletters. Many of the newest smartphones come with QR code readers installed, but if you need to download one, there are plenty of free apps readily available. As the process of creating and reading QR codes involves no capital, and the codes have multiple benefits, they have become a top method for staying in touch with clients and consumers. They are an important component in any successful marketing strategy.


What you choose to share through QR codes is entirely up to you. Whether you decide to share a link to videos, a website related to your business, an online flyer, a video, or a special offer, ensure that you carefully consider the layout of your landing page. Determine a complete strategy when devising your marketing campaign and ensure that your landing page is professional in appearance and conveys the message your customers will best respond to. QR codes can be an instrumental tool used for driving traffic to Facebook business pages and signup lists. You can easily use QR codes to build mailing lists utilizing both online and offline resources. A QR code on a business card that takes people to a sign up list can see tremendous return. You may put them on either side of the business card as well. Those who frequent various business events or conventions can use QR codes on business cards, nametags, product samples, company brochures and other marketing materials. Due to their many benefits, low cost, and ability to drive customers to landing pages, QR codes are an excellent addition to any marketing strategy.


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