QR Codes To Go

We’ve come a long way on the tour of your restaurant and hopefully placed quite a few QR codes up to this point.  Here is the last in-store example and the idea is two-fold.  Again, some of this will depend on what services your restaurant offers and what style it is.  This leads us to the option of take-out.  Now, if your restaurant does not already offer take-out or a carside pick up option, then it is unlikely that adding these options just so you can add QR codes will really benefit your business.  However, if it something you already offer, why not take this additional opportunity to get some return patrons.  Some restaurants are already using this technology.


The idea would be to place QR in a few places.  The first would be your take-out menu.  Now, it is likely that you take out menu already provides your hours and address, but there are a few things a QR code could add.  This QR code could link to an actual map of your location including driving directions or a ready to dial phone number.  If you are an establishment with more than one location, the code could provide you with the address of the closest location, and also perhaps hours and any other information which may vary by location.  This could also provide a link to a website allowing online ordering.


The second place would be the take out containers themselves.  These could be in the form of QR code stickers or a new printed take out box item, but stickers would likely be the most cost effective.  This is where those of you who don’t offer take services can get involved.  Even if you don’t offer take out, everyone offers doggie-bags / boxes / etc., so use those as your last QR code placement opportunity.  As the patron, at this point, is unlikely to need your address and phone number, this code could link to a coupon for next time, or a customer feedback survey, similar to those that could be placed in the check holder.  This could also link to a simple thank you card or video just to say we hope you enjoyed your food.  A little thank you can go a long way, especially in the restaurant industry.