QR Codes In Unexpected Places

Once you’ve gotten past the table, it is time to get a little creative with the QR codes.  This may be only for the technologically adventurous at this point, but studies have shown that the more unexpected a QR code is, the better chance there is that someone will scan it.  Curiosity is a wonderful thing.  So let’s discuss some of the more unusual options for QR codes at your restaurant.


  • On the Food:  I have seen everything from QR codes on a piece of fondant atop a cupcake, to QR codes seared on to a pancake or piece of toast, to QR codes in chocolate sauce on a plate.  Anything is possible.  You could get a branding iron and brand QR codes into your specialty steak linking to information about the dish.
  • On Wine Bottles:  This one is not nearly as far fetched.  In fact, its quite useful.  Place QR code stickers on wine bottles in your cellar.  Then if the customer finds a wine they enjoy, they can scan the QR code to link to additional information about the vineyard, where else it can be purchased, recommended vintages, etc.  The customer will appreciate the additional information and therefore may return to get that wine again from you.
  • On Décor:  Have any unique décor, statues, artwork, etc. at your restaurant?  Use QR codes to educate your quests about where they came from, who made them, or why you chose to include them in your decorating scheme.  The code could link to a general décor page about our restaurant or an item specific page, depending on what you have to share.
  • In the Bathrooms:  Everyone brings their smartphone everywhere these days, right?  So they bring it here too.  I wouldn’t recommend placing these in the stalls per se, but what about on the mirror above the sink or on the door.  They could link to an interesting tid-bit about the restaurant that you haven’t shared yet or highlight a cocktail or dessert to get their appetite going again.


If you are just getting started with QR codes, some of these ideas may not be your style.  These are also places that very much depend on the atmosphere of your restaurant and the type of clientele you normally serve.  It is up to you to determine what is suitable for your establishment.  If you are unsure, however, the best option would be to give it a try.  Thanks to a lot of the software available today, you can track your codes to see how often they are getting scanned.  This way you can determine what works and what doesn’t so that you can focus your efforts accordingly.