QR Codes: 10 Ways They're Used for Restaurants

Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are a two-dimensional barcode devised by Toyota for storing vehicle data in an easy to transmit manner. Since its inception, other industries have recognized QR code benefits and have implemented them in their fields. QR codes are reshaping the way restaurants communicate with consumers. QR codes provide pertinent and relevant information and deliver it quickly and efficiently. QR codes are inexpensive to create and those that access them only need a camera-enabled smartphone in order to scan them. Here are 10 ways restaurants are incorporating QR codes in their businesses to give their patrons a more beneficial experience.


History of the Restaurant

Whether a national chain or a local eatery, patrons are often fascinated by the history behind a restaurant. QR codes are a great way to connect customers with a restaurant’s history in a time-efficient manner. QR codes appear as square bar code that when scanned by a phone enabled with a reader, brings the user to either a piece of text, an Email, an SMS message or an Internet site. All links should direct to a mobile friendly site. Restaurant owners that wish to share the story behind their success with their patrons can direct their customer’s to an Internet site that details the history or even a multimedia slideshow or video presentation.


Nutrition Facts

More restaurants than ever before are opting to display nutrition facts and content of their fare on menus in order for patrons to make well-informed ordering decisions. As this can take up much needed menu space, some restaurants are choosing to use QR codes that will contain a link to a mobile friendly website that lists nutrition facts for each item, beverage and dessert. This information isn’t just important for those on a diet, but is imperative for those who suffer from food allergies.


Video Recipes of Certain Dishes Being Made

Some restaurants guard their recipes, making chefs swear to secrecy and even trademarking their signature dishes. For those restaurants willing to part with their recipes, a video recipe that shows chefs preparing the fare can be a powerful marketing tool. Restaurants concerned with giving away their secrets may wish to create dishes specifically for the purpose of sharing. The videos can go viral on the Internet and by using QR codes to link to the website, patrons can access them simply and conveniently.



Restaurants can create QR coupons that when scanned can reveal special discounts, offers or even coupon codes. Other strategies may include a mobile website that contains a coupon, code, or special discount and when scanned, the patron can show their smartphone displaying the ad to the cashier or hostess in order to get the deal.


Receipts with Customer Survey

QR codes may be added to receipts and can lead consumers to customer surveys to complete. This is a simple way for restaurant owners to encourage patrons to leave their comments in a space saving manner. By maintaining one website that features the customer survey, restaurant owners can update the survey as needed.


Restaurant Location/Contact Info

QR codes can link to Internet sites and this includes Google Maps. Restaurants can create a webpage that details their full contact information and includes a Google Map with directions to their place of business. By putting a QR code on flyers, newsletters, business cards, or other marketing materials, consumers may scan the code and have full access to the restaurant’s contact information and location.


Daily Special

QR codes are a practical way of displaying daily specials without needing to use paper for printing on a daily basis. A daily special QR code may be affixed to menus and while patrons are waiting to order, they can scan the code, thereby being taken to a website that displays the different deals and specials. The restaurant manager can update the website as needed and the one QR code can remain in place. QR codes are a fast and easy way for cell phone users to access a restaurant’s daily deals and specials.


Event Details

Restaurants can create online calendars that display all of their upcoming specials and events. QR codes can then be placed on menus, websites, flyers and brochures. These QR codes can allow easy access to events and consumers can even download various calendars to their phones, ensuring they have the information needed to attend the event.



Restaurant owners can create educational videos that discuss or explain techniques used in the business. If there is something special that the restaurant does that separates them from the competition, they may find that an educational video that discusses these techniques can become a highly effective marketing tool.


Takeout Menu

Takeout menus can be created online and linked to with a QR code. This can increase the number of return customers as patrons can check out the takeout menu as well as prices, making it extremely easy and convenient for consumers to access the takeout menu and place their orders.


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