What QR Codes Can Really Do For You

One of the greatest things about QR codes is not just their ability to help expand your restaurant business by enticing new customers and keeping your existing customers happy and satisfied, but they also allow you to learn about your customers.  This is because you can use QR code tracking to learn where your codes are being scanned, how many people are scanning them, how long people are viewing the information scanned, and maybe even who, or what type of people, are scanning them.  This is possible through a variety of QR code tracking systems, software, and companies available today.  Due to the wide variety of ways to this, there are many different levels of tracking that you can use.


  • Use Your Existing Software:  Many business and restaurants webpages already have software that allows the parent company to get information about clicks to the page, area demographics, site highlights, etc.  One of the easiest ways to use your QR codes to track your progress would be to have your QR codes link to your already established webpage.  Then, you can use your current website tracking software to check up on your QR codes as well.  You could even do this by adding additional links and pages to your website for the QR codes that could also be included within your existing software.
  • Track Through QR Code Generation:  The majority of QR code generators available can be used at no cost.  However, some of them charge for creation of QR codes.  Many of the sites that charge for this service do so because they offer additional services as well.  One of these such services is a tracking service.  The company will keep records of the QR codes generated and therefore have data such as how many scans a code gets, what phones are being used to scan them, locations of scans, etc. 
  • Full Tracking Systems:  These work similarly to the system mentioned above, however, they allow a bit more user flexibility and control.  They will allow you to select what type of information you want to track, how often you receive tracking results, and possibly the type of actions that will result from the data.  These systems are the most complex and the prices for these services will reflect that, however, they do offer the most potential for the user to benefit from the tracking process.


No matter which method you choose to track your QR codes, this is a great benefit of the codes.  Essentially, it allows you to know where best to focus your QR code effort in your restaurant.  If your tracking results show that no one is spending time on your links from the menu QR codes, but the codes on your pagers are being widely used, you know to put more energy into the content being delivered by your QR codes.  The same could work for the codes on your tables, hostess station, take-out boxes, etc.  By knowing what works, you can help to get the most out of your QR code campaign.