Where I Think We Should Put QR Codes Next

Here’s a little synopsis of some of my ideas for what is the next best uses for QR codes.  To be honest, it is possible that some of these may have happened already, but I haven’t seen them.  If that’s the case, I can’t wait to run into them.  But for now, here’s what I’m thinking.


  • Cereal Boxes:  Sure there are QR codes on lots of food these days, but I’ve never seen one of a cereal box.  Also, most of the QR codes on the food link to information about how it was made or where it came from, but not much beyond that.  If you are a cereal for breakfast person as I am, I’m sure you have read the back, front, sides, top and bottom of your cereal boxes multiple times, but its there, so you keep re-reading it.  Maybe it goes back to the fun of cereal box games as a kid with the anticipation of a prize one morning, I don’t know, but it just seems to make the cereal taste better when you have a box to read.  The downfall, of course, is that it is the same box every day until you eat that last bowl.  And then, even sometimes you are ahead of the marketing and if you buy that same type of cereal again, you will have the exact same box to read.  So, let’s put QR codes on the boxes!  Every morning you could scan the code and it could link to a dynamic webpage with a whole bunch of information.  It could be the cartoon of the day, or news headlines, quotes or word of the day, horoscopes, etc.  That would make the cereal taste even better.
  • Text Books:  One of the main things about QR codes now that is lacking is drawing the interest of the teens and younger generations.  Why not start in the schools?  Its tough enough to get kids to do their homework and read their assignments anyway, right?  So, let’s add some tech savvy interest for them.  Include QR codes on the pages of their textbook linking to additional information, or maybe related activities for them to perform.  Even if makes them stray from their book for a bit, at least they are still learning about the subject.
  • Any Place with a Long Wait:  I am thinking along the lines of the DMV.  No matter what you are there for, you are there for a while.  Why not give you something to help pass the time?  These could be placed on those retractable ropes that make up the queue nowadays.  That way whenever you get to move about 5 feet forward (which could be a good hour or so) you’ll have a new topic to read about.  And I’m not really thinking these should be DMV educational videos or anything like that, I would go for pure entertainment value.  These could actually be pretty similar to the items that the cereal box QR codes would link to, or we could for the top ten worst burglars, or worst drivers (that’s semi-DMV related), or best stunts, or even worst stunt, etc.  Anyway, it certainly would make the time pass faster.


Those are just a few QR code ideas that would be worthwhile.  In a few years, I am sure they’ll be everywhere, including these places, and I look forward to the day I will be able chuckle contentedly at my smartphone as I wait to renew my license.